Drop Dead [2000]

by DROP DEAD! (Argentine band)

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released February 1, 2000

© Amerika Records


all rights reserved



DROP DEAD! (Argentine band) Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pioneer alternative rock band from Argentina

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Track Name: Cliché
Hey, i'm just like them
i can't stand to be down
tell me about what you wish
all vanished in the air
if you'll come with me
if you don't know me
if you'll pay the price
if you'll pass me by
so come on with me
i'm the one who see
take my hand and sing
all the birds fly free
shit happens, no doubt it

hey, i'm not like them
i can't stand to be a clone
an unkown of a kind
in this sweet
dirty life
if you'll come with me
if you don't know me
if you'll pay the price
if you'll pass me by
so come on with me
i'm the one who see
take my steps and scream
i'll be out of here

never say never
dirty life
Track Name: Decadron
Another hero with ethic
or maybe somebody agnostic
who doesn't know about panic
he just wants to set us free
he doesn't know his own i.d.
he got double personality
he came to save the society
it means never to live on equality
no matter who you'll be
no matter who you are
no matter what you need

the little hero kills the pain
the little zero lives in vain/vein
my little hero against the grain
without pain there is no gain
another hero with panic
or maybe somebody quiet and freak
who doesn't know about ethic
such a dumb and pathetic

i'm not the one, the one i know
i'm not the one, victim of all
Track Name: Whores and Junkies Go To Heaven
I was a little boy, who played with little toys
the school was affection, and integration
to this evolution, in degeneration
please god forgive me
i've never, i've never sin

Life: who said it's fair?
raise to be a slave
sex, faith and ignorance
racial violence
decadence (pick one else)

welcome to reality, as seen it on tv
learn to destroy your, imagination
the imitation guide, on sale for everyone
it's human behavior
to be wrong, to be ashamed

everyone is his own world
eat the fashion as you want
is the money our new god?
nothing matter after all

the little boy has grown, the little toys has gone
but we're still the same, into the same game
where no one needs no one, and no one hears no one
total submission
whom bother? who fucking care?
Track Name: Take Me Away
I guess i'm losing all my strength, in the beginning of the end
well i like this, it seems i like this
in the mirror i look numb, someone is knocking my door
but is not you, not you
everyday i feel alone, but i know is not your fault
it is my blame, my blame
after the sin comes the guilt, life is nothing but a dream
now i'm dying, dying

take me away, where no one sleeps
take me away, outside of me
take me away, out of my dreams
take me away, away from here
please just take me away
take me out

i think tomorrow won't change, i'll have to accept the consequences
on my way, my way
everything i did was wrong, you can't always get what you want
now i'm lying, lying
loneliness, silence and dreams, they keep me off reality
and i feel safe, but i'm not safe
i could always simulate, we are all just paessenger
in the life trip, last trip

whatever happens to me, i've never wanted to cry
whatever happens to me, i've never wanted to die